Sun, May 19, 2019

Finding Seed In Your Need 3

Pastor Wilder continues with the series “Finding Seed In Your Need”
Duration:56 mins 46 secs

Pastor Wilder continues the series “Finding Need For Your Seed” from I Kings 17:8-16.  The Amin points are as follows:


4 Things That Can Be Used As Seed

3. A WORK of Faith

a. II Kings 7:1-4- Lepers

b. John 11:39- Mary & Martha

c. Mark 10:48-50- The Blind Man

d. Luke 5:1-4- The Disciples



a. Elisha & Jehoshaphat (II Kings 3:14-16)

b. Jehoshaphat- II Chronicles 20:14-22

c. I Samuel 16:23- David & Saul

d. John: Revelation 1:10

Reasons Worship May Be Required

1. Magnifies God & minimize problems

Revelations 1:10

Habakkuk 3:17-19

2. Worship creates an environment for God to speak

II Kings 3:14-16

Acts 13:1-2

3. Worship creates an environment for God to work

II Chronicles 20:14-22

II Chronicles 5:13-14

4. Worship neutralizes evil spirits

I Samuel 16:33

5. Worship releases God’s resources

Psalm 67:4-7

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