Pastor Wilder continues the series "Inheriting The Promises of God"
Duration:39 mins 42 secs

  Pastor Wilder shares another portion of the series "Inheriting The Promises of God" from 2 Peter 1:3-4.  The main points are as follows:

There four types of promises:

Situational Promises

Prophetic Promises

Faith Promises

Conditional Promises

Discipleship- Disciplined follower of Jesus Christ

Keys to understanding the Divine Promise

Every promise of God is an opportunity for you to experience living in God's world

1. God wants us to know how to live his kind of life (nature). Promises are on what God's life is.

2. God sets the standard and not allows us to set the standard

3. All promises of God are God's idea

4. Promises of God are given so that we can be partakers of what is natural to God

5. God promises covers everything needful in your life.

6. Divine nature helps us escape the death in the world. Introduced to us because of lust.

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