Pastor Wilder continues the series “Inheriting The Promises Of God”
Duration:44 mins 30 secs

Pastor Wilder continues with the series entitled “Inheriting The Promises of God” from Hebrews 4. The main points are as follows:

Every promise is know what it is like to live in God’s world

Promise is normal for God, that is why we have faith

Promises of God are his idea (God’s idea)

Promises are given so that we can be partakers (God has overcome the world)

God’s promises provide everything we need 

Helps us escape the corruption that are in the world

Hebrews 3:1-6

Keys to Inheriting The Promises of God

Must learn to be faithful where we are until God moves us to something else

Moses was faithful in Pharaoh’s court

Jesus was faithful as the son to Joseph and Mary

David was faithful as a shepherd boy

You must learn to survive your wilderness experience

You must learn to overcome your bitterness experience

You must overcome temptations

You must learn the ways of God not just the acts or words of God

You must learn how to keep your spirit built up

Don’t give way to unbelief

Don't give your self to sin because of discouragement

Release your faith by encouraging others in their dreams

Keys to Inheriting The Promise of God

Stay tuned to God, keep listening 

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