Pastor Wilder continues the series
Duration:43 mins 43 secs

Pastor Wilder continues the series "Hip-Hop Culture: A Dangerous Deception".  The main points are as follows:

Culture defines what we think is important

God wants his people to be defined by the Kingdom

Un-Biblical Counter Culture

1. Object of worship- God Himself. 

Exodus 15:1-13, Exodus 20:1-3

2. Te Expression of Worship

Exodus 15:20-21

Music is designed to stir up what you have been"musing" on. Dance is the body's way of expressing the meditations.

Hip-Hop Music

Stirs up sensuality(Herod)

Stirs up anger

3. The Verbalization of Worship


To abide, remain(figuratively)

To grumble, complain, murmur

The third thing perverted by hip hop (rapping and slang)

Psalm 119:9-14


1. Take heed to God's Word-Psalm 119:10

2. Don't "wander"from God's Word

3. Hide the Word in our Heart- Psalm 119:10

4. Teach me thy statutes- Psalm 119:12

5. To declare- Psalm 119:13


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