Pastor Wilder shares a message about the pit falls of the hip-hop culture
Duration:49 mins 58 secs

Pastor Wilder shares a message detailing how the hip-hop culture is a deadly deception.  The main points are as follows:

Conversation-Why can't people follow training?

Culture vs training

Cultural/kingdom mandate (Gen 1:28, Matt 28:19-20;Acts 1:8)

Culture-derived from"cultivate" which signifies the process bringing out the full potential

Three Purposes of God

1. Create an environment to which God's covenant is known

2. To allow for the fruitfulness and multiplication of mankind so that the earth could be filled with our productivity

3. To create a class of sub-rulers who under God's divine ruler-ship

Importance of Culture

1. It influences the way you see the world

2. It shapes our views of what is desirable or undesirable 

3. It shapes our outlook on work

4. It shapes what we embrace or reject, establishes part of the legacy that we will leave to our future legacy

5. It lets us make a statement about who we are and what matters to us

6. It continues to define and redefine priorities



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