Practical Advice for Spiritual Power
Duration:45 mins 34 secs

  Pastor Wilder shares a message from 2 Timothy 2:1-8, the main points are as follows:

Paul writes 2 Timothy from prison

Paul writes practical advice

Paul writes how to keep themselves built up and strong

Last of the epistles that Paul wrote

1. Resolve to, yield to, flow with the anointing in our lives

Be strong in the grace that is gifted to you

Find out where you are gifted

Practical Ways to Flow with the anointing

Be aware

Believe it

Confess it

Demonstrate your commitment to walk in peace, love, unity

Excercise selflessness in every Godly endeavor

Faithfully give yourself to prayer

2. Resolve to multiply your impact by partnering with like minded people

Every person needs five people in their lives

Someone to inspire, comfort, keep, protect, provoke

Multiply yourself

3. Resolve if need be to learn to stand and to suffer what is right

1 Peter 3:14-16

Five Benefits of Suffering

Suffering clarifies what is good and what is right

Suffering removes fear

Suffering brings purification and priorities 

Suffering makes you ready to live a full life

Suffering helps you to gain a good conscience 



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