Pastor Wilder shares a story of Jacob from Genesis 32:24-29 entitled “You’ll Win if You’ll Wrestle”
Duration:1 hr 7 mins 29 secs

Pastor Wilder shares a message from Genesis 32:24-29 entitled “You’ll Winn if You’ll Wrestle”.  The main points are as follows:

Jacob devised a scheme:

Jacob sends  presents to Esau

Jacob had a presentation

Why Wrestle With God

Jacob wrestled with God because of the predicament he was in

Getting in a predicament is the only way we call out to God

We only wrestle with God when we are desperate

Jacob had a sense of powerlessness 

 Jacob engaged in wrestling because of the promises on his life (Genesis 28)

Multiply his seed, bring him back home safely

You have a promise on your life!

Jacob wrestled because of the potential of what a victory would bring (Jacob had 12 sons)

God is interested in all of us!

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