Pastor Wilder shares a message from Genesis 32:4-30 entitled “You’ll Win if You’ll Wrestle”
Duration:42 mins 55 secs

Pastor Wilder shares a message from Genesis 32:24-30 entitled “You’ll Win if You’ll Wrestle” main points are as follows:

Genesis 32:2- Place of two hosts

Genesis 32:9-12- First formal recorded prayer

Genesis 32:13-23- Jacob being Jacob, he begins to devise a scheme

Genesis 32:16- Jacob prepares presents

Genesis 32:18- He makes an excellent presentation

Genesis 32:22-23- Jacob by himself with God

God will bring you to a point in your life when there will only be you and God alone (isolation)

Jeremiah 15:17

To be left alone with God is the way of deriving we need God, we are nothing without God

Most intense wrestling is at the point you are about to walk into your promise

Genesis 32:24- Wrestle until your breakthrough comes, don’t faint

Must be willing to wrestle

Genesis 32:26- Jacob wrestled until all his strength for wrestling was gone. He held on and cling on, where true life begins

Genesis 32:28- We have to acknowledge what we are 

Point of wrestling is for God to bring you where you need to be

Genesis 32:30- Jacob sees as God sees, nothing hidden

Nothing hidden between God and Jacob, Jacob knows God

From seeing God face to face Jacob is assured his life is not his own

Jacob comes to the point the grace of God began to take over his life

Walking in revelation that God is my source

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